How Can Drumming Help Your Child To Progress Academically?

Both percussion and drumming can naturally serve as complements to many academic subjects. In fact, they are known to also help pupils for understanding several subjects in a better manner. An example of some of these subjects is history, science, language arts, maths, physical fitness and much more. In order to deploy drumming as a task, which can complement these academic subjects, the grade, as well as the age of pupils, should be regarded. Following are some of those subjects where your child can achieve great academic success if complimented by drumming, music or percussion.

Physical fitness

When your kid learns to drum, he or she learns about their different body parts. That is because drumming uses a person’s entire body, especially parts like legs, shoulders, elbows, wrists, hands and fingers can all be developed physically while they practice drumming. In fact, drumming helps in the physical fitness of people from all age-groups.


Early elementary pupils can learn to count through drums lesson singapore . Learning how to count in terms of cycles and basic counting is an elementary component of drumming. Additionally, both percussion and drumming can train students of middle elementary age fractions. Concepts such as harmonics, intervals, and frequencies can be also taught through drumming. In fact, even students in high school can pick up additional knowledge on how to do the application of basic math skills such as harmonics, intervals, frequencies, fractions and counting in more sophisticated and innovative ways.


Concepts of material science can be also taught to the students through drumming along with the science that deals with sound. Drumming can help even students studying in the first grade to be familiar about how skin through drum heads, metal, wood, and other materials has ability or capacity to vibrate. Young students also learn that vibration produces sound as they practice drumming.

When students go to higher grades, they will have even more knowledge about the scientific theories related to sound. There are certain tuned percussion instruments like piano, steel pan, and xylophone that provide a chance to know more about harmony (relationships of intervals), intervals (a relationship between frequencies or notes) and frequency (notes).

Both music and drumming can throw light on various subjects as is evident from the discussion. There are other subjects such as theology, sociology, and psychology that can also be learned through music and drumming, To put it simply, drumming can be seen as a perfect interdisciplinary subject that can help your children not only to become good musicians but can also tell to have a better grasp of many academic subjects.

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What Makes a Playgroup Feel Right for Parents

Aside from having kids, finding the right school for your child to enroll in can be quite a difficult decision to make. The goal is to find a place that helps the little one toward a life that offers him a good learning curve, keeps him safe while preparing for a formal structure of education. Here are simple hacks to help you know if a playgroup is right for your child.

Follow Your Instinct

A parent knows what their kids need and using this as rule of sorts, it makes perfect sense to have a look around at the playgroup. If you feel in your gut that this is the right place and the ideal setup for your child, go with your instinct, it will always be on point. That being said, check out with other parents and if you are happy with their responses, enroll your child before seats fill in, which can occur sooner than you expect.

Teacher-Student Ratio

If you send your child to a playgroup where not many teachers are available to see to the needs of the children in the classroom, you are in the wrong place. What every child needs is attention in case anything should occur while he is away from home. At the early stage of a childs life, he needs constant supervision. Once you are sure that your little one has proper guidance and is safe, based on the teacher-student ratio, you can go ahead and drop him at the playgroup in Singapore.


As your child enters another world in the playgroup, he does not spend all him time playing. This is the early stage where he is being made aware of a formal structure in education. During this time, he is taught word formation and nursery rhymes. He also learns to distinguish numbers and letters of the alphabet. The idea of a playgroup is to ensure that children are taught something without making the learning curve too structured. This is one of the areas that a parent needs to look out for the curriculum if any and the methodology used to inculcate a sense of learning.


Teachers at the playgroup have vast knowledge in the domain of early childcare education. The varieties of programs available at this center ensure that children learn to speak, think and reason as they highlight the value of simple teaching methods. From the point of a parent, what feels right for the child is when you see him happy to go to preschool in singapore .

How Your Small Business Can Benefit From Facebook

facebook ads

Number of active users on Facebook is over a staggering 1.55 billion and it’s on a steady rise. Having a presence on Facebook is a great way to reach out to a millions of users who visit Facebook every day. In today’s world, driven by social media, there is no better way to build a brand image than having a Facebook page. Following are five ways a new business can benefit from Facebook:

1. Drive new customers: Facebook has over a billion active users, in other words, almost all existing and potential customers of any business are present on Facebook. It’s a proven tool used by many successful business entities to raise awareness of their products and services, which helped them increase exposure to potential customers.

2. Build new leads: Facebook offers great features, such as contests, giveaways, and newsletters, which can be used wisely to build connection with followers outside Facebook for a long-term, sustainable business. Use the contacts judiciously and offer them helpful information about your business.

3. Reduced promotional expense: Creating a Facebook business page doesn’t cost anything. So, with a zero investment you can start your marketing campaign to reach your target customers. Even if you opt for Facebook ads, the cost is significantly lower than conventional print and TV ads, and it’s far more targeted where you have total control over the whole process.

4. Take advantage of Facebook ads: Not all Facebook users would want to like your page, similarly you wouldn’t want irrelevant impressions on your page either, and that’s when Facebook ads come into play. You can target your customers based on their age group, profession, and most importantly location. If you are a local business in Singapore, you should run your Facebook marketing in Singapore and target an audience within a certain radius to avoid unnecessary likes with no engagement.

5. Use Facebook insight: Use Facebook insight to understand how your page is performing, who your customers are, and what measure you need to put in place to ensure the business moves in the right direction. Facebook insight offers information, such as number of likes, individual post reach, engagement on the page and many more. Using the information, you can rework your marketing approach, if necessary.

The key to your success on Facebook largely depends on how effectively you use the platform. Interestingly, it doesn’t require a great deal of efforts or resources to get the ball rolling. So, start your Facebook marketing in Singapore with the right approach and strategy and see how your business grows.

Digital Marketing Trends 2016

Business owners are always eager about predictions. Only if they know the trends in their field, they may plan their strategies. But every company may want to know the digital marketing trends that may prevail during 2016 so they can adopt the right marketing techniques for expanding and growing their business. Let us have a look.

graph trend

1. Video ads will rule the roost

Though video ads have been there for quite some time, their domination will be more during 2016. Even Facebook, Bing, etc. have come out with offers related to video ads. Google is also said to have included video content into its algorithm. Therefore, businesses should use the effectiveness of video advertisement during 2016.

2. Use of apps

With an intention to help websites that are mobile friendly, Google has made suitable modifications to its algorithm. Indexed apps supply information to Google and the search engine is using the information for determining rankings. Business owners have realized the more effective responsiveness of apps. Individual users are also finding apps more convenient. 2016 will be a year during which more business owners will adopt apps.

3. Mobile will continue to dominate relegating desktop to the back

Usage of mobile will continue to eclipse usage of desktop in 2016 also. Google has also brought about modifications in its algorithm for determining the search engine rankings of mobile friendly websites. But it cannot be assumed that desktop traffic will vanish though domination of mobile traffic is likely to continue in 2016.

4. New strategies for optimization

At present, businesses rely upon SEO and PPC for advertising. In 2016, new assistants like Siri, Cortana, etc. are likely to be used for digitally answering consumers’ questions. The number of business owners offering their business details through virtual assistants instead of offering them on their sites will increase.

5. Virtual reality devices

More number of virtual reality devices are likely to be launched in 2016. A few of them will be useful for certain specific applications such as video games. A few other devices will be generally useful. These devices will be ushering in a new type of digital advertisement as they connect social media sites, direct messaging and video channels.

6. Wearable technology

Domination of wearables will continue in 2016. A study reveals that the wearables market is likely to grow by 35% every year during the period from 2015 to 2019. Online marketers who opt to use the power of wearables should devise ways to offer “on-the-go” information in the best possible manner. The contents they create should be easily searchable also through voice commands.

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