facebook ads

Number of active users on Facebook is over a staggering 1.55 billion and it’s on a steady rise. Having a presence on Facebook is a great way to reach out to a millions of users who visit Facebook every day. In today’s world, driven by social media, there is no better way to build a brand image than having a Facebook page. Following are five ways a new business can benefit from Facebook:

1. Drive new customers: Facebook has over a billion active users, in other words, almost all existing and potential customers of any business are present on Facebook. It’s a proven tool used by many successful business entities to raise awareness of their products and services, which helped them increase exposure to potential customers.

2. Build new leads: Facebook offers great features, such as contests, giveaways, and newsletters, which can be used wisely to build connection with followers outside Facebook for a long-term, sustainable business. Use the contacts judiciously and offer them helpful information about your business.

3. Reduced promotional expense: Creating a Facebook business page doesn’t cost anything. So, with a zero investment you can start your marketing campaign to reach your target customers. Even if you opt for Facebook ads, the cost is significantly lower than conventional print and TV ads, and it’s far more targeted where you have total control over the whole process.

4. Take advantage of Facebook ads: Not all Facebook users would want to like your page, similarly you wouldn’t want irrelevant impressions on your page either, and that’s when Facebook ads come into play. You can target your customers based on their age group, profession, and most importantly location. If you are a local business in Singapore, you should run your Facebook marketing in Singapore and target an audience within a certain radius to avoid unnecessary likes with no engagement.

5. Use Facebook insight: Use Facebook insight to understand how your page is performing, who your customers are, and what measure you need to put in place to ensure the business moves in the right direction. Facebook insight offers information, such as number of likes, individual post reach, engagement on the page and many more. Using the information, you can rework your marketing approach, if necessary.

The key to your success on Facebook largely depends on how effectively you use the platform. Interestingly, it doesn’t require a great deal of efforts or resources to get the ball rolling. So, start your Facebook marketing in Singapore with the right approach and strategy and see how your business grows.