Business owners are always eager about predictions. Only if they know the trends in their field, they may plan their strategies. But every company may want to know the digital marketing trends that may prevail during 2016 so they can adopt the right marketing techniques for expanding and growing their business. Let us have a look.

graph trend

1. Video ads will rule the roost

Though video ads have been there for quite some time, their domination will be more during 2016. Even Facebook, Bing, etc. have come out with offers related to video ads. Google is also said to have included video content into its algorithm. Therefore, businesses should use the effectiveness of video advertisement during 2016.

2. Use of apps

With an intention to help websites that are mobile friendly, Google has made suitable modifications to its algorithm. Indexed apps supply information to Google and the search engine is using the information for determining rankings. Business owners have realized the more effective responsiveness of apps. Individual users are also finding apps more convenient. 2016 will be a year during which more business owners will adopt apps.

3. Mobile will continue to dominate relegating desktop to the back

Usage of mobile will continue to eclipse usage of desktop in 2016 also. Google has also brought about modifications in its algorithm for determining the search engine rankings of mobile friendly websites. But it cannot be assumed that desktop traffic will vanish though domination of mobile traffic is likely to continue in 2016.

4. New strategies for optimization

At present, businesses rely upon SEO and PPC for advertising. In 2016, new assistants like Siri, Cortana, etc. are likely to be used for digitally answering consumers’ questions. The number of business owners offering their business details through virtual assistants instead of offering them on their sites will increase.

5. Virtual reality devices

More number of virtual reality devices are likely to be launched in 2016. A few of them will be useful for certain specific applications such as video games. A few other devices will be generally useful. These devices will be ushering in a new type of digital advertisement as they connect social media sites, direct messaging and video channels.

6. Wearable technology

Domination of wearables will continue in 2016. A study reveals that the wearables market is likely to grow by 35% every year during the period from 2015 to 2019. Online marketers who opt to use the power of wearables should devise ways to offer “on-the-go” information in the best possible manner. The contents they create should be easily searchable also through voice commands.

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