As more people have started to recognize the importance of sending their child to preschool in singapore there have been huge increases in the number of preschools that have started throughout the world. It is important that you choose the best one for your child. The only way in which you can do this is by taking an active role in researching about different preschools in your area and finding the one that you like the most. However, for first-time parents, it is not always obvious as to what a good preschool is made up of so they would not know which one to choose. The choice you make will be directly related to the future development of your child so it is a very important decision.

Here are a few guidelines that help you understand what a good preschool consists of.


This is an important factor to take into consideration as you do not want your child to have to travel very far from home or have to travel back for a long time after a tiring day at school. It is also a matter of convenience as the parents will be the ones who will have to drop and pick up the kids from the school. It is also important that the area in which the school is located be safe as the childs safety should be of the most importance.

School Program

There are various different programs for you to decide from when it comes to choosing the preschool that you want to send your child to. You can either choose one that is every day of the week or even one that works for 3 or 4 days a week. You can also choose between sending them to the preschool at the local child care center, a private school, or even some religious institutes have preschools. Another option can be between preschools that are run by the state or one that is run in cooperation by the parents themselves. These can be very confusing to choose from and your best option will be to go out and talk to other moms and dads in your locality and get the reviews from them about the schools where they sent their children. Most schools will also allow you to come to the school and see the premises and talk to the parents of students who are enrolled with them.


This is the person who will be very influential in your childs future, hence it is very important that they are well trained and have the required qualification for the job. The personality of the teacher is also important as they should be approachable enough so that your child would go to them with a problem but also a tab bit strict so that your child knows that they have to listen to the directions of the teacher. It is a good idea to take the child along when you meet the teacher as it is important to see how your child will react to the teacher.


The fees of the schools can also be a major deciding factor of the preschool. Although most of you will feel that money is not a problem when it comes to quality education for your child. However higher fees may not be a measure of the quality of the school. Most good preschools will have moderate fees as their focus is more on the development of your child as opposed to making money.

Most have various options that can suit each parents needs. All you have to do is the proper research into the one that you feel would be best for your child.