Although not as fast as when they were infants but toddlers are constantly developing physically and this needs to be properly monitored and also facilitated to some extent. From the ages, 2 to 6 years is a very important phase for the childs development and they develop both mentally as well as physically. Although these changes are much more dramatic than the changes that the child goes through in their infant years this change is more stable and slower.

The physical changes that can be seen in the child should be monitored and they parents, as well as caretakers in child care centers with playgroup in singapore in Singapore , are responsible for making sure that this development is in the right direction. A short chubby child will lose some of their baby fat and start to grow taller and look more lean and muscular. It is also seen that right from a younger age the boys will be more muscular than girls. A three-year-old will average at about 38 inches in height while they may weigh 32 pounds while a 6-year-old can reach the height of 46 inches and weigh about 46 pounds.

There are a few physical skills that the child has to develop by the time they are toddlers and most caretakers in child care centers make sure that the child learns these skills as the child learns to grow more independent in the center.

Large motor skills that the child will develop in child care centers:

They will learn to walk steadily and maintain their balance.

They are also comfortable running at a lower speed in one direction and can also get around various obstacles that are put in their space. They are also able to stop, turn, and restart when running.

They can also aim and throw a small ball as well as be able to catch one that is being thrown towards them.

They can hop on each foot multiple times and should also be able to walk along or jump over simple objects.

They also learn to bounce a large ball or kick one that is stationary.

They can also steer and pedal tricycles.

Smaller motor skills include:

Brushing teeth, combing hair, and getting dressed.

Using eating utensils

Assembling simple puzzles

Picking up small objects

Stacking objects like blocks

Copy simple shapes and alphabets

All of these skills can be taught to your child in child care centers.