Both percussion and drumming can naturally serve as complements to many academic subjects. In fact, they are known to also help pupils for understanding several subjects in a better manner. An example of some of these subjects is history, science, language arts, maths, physical fitness and much more. In order to deploy drumming as a task, which can complement these academic subjects, the grade, as well as the age of pupils, should be regarded. Following are some of those subjects where your child can achieve great academic success if complimented by drumming, music or percussion.

Physical fitness

When your kid learns to drum, he or she learns about their different body parts. That is because drumming uses a person’s entire body, especially parts like legs, shoulders, elbows, wrists, hands and fingers can all be developed physically while they practice drumming. In fact, drumming helps in the physical fitness of people from all age-groups.


Early elementary pupils can learn to count through drums lesson singapore . Learning how to count in terms of cycles and basic counting is an elementary component of drumming. Additionally, both percussion and drumming can train students of middle elementary age fractions. Concepts such as harmonics, intervals, and frequencies can be also taught through drumming. In fact, even students in high school can pick up additional knowledge on how to do the application of basic math skills such as harmonics, intervals, frequencies, fractions and counting in more sophisticated and innovative ways.


Concepts of material science can be also taught to the students through drumming along with the science that deals with sound. Drumming can help even students studying in the first grade to be familiar about how skin through drum heads, metal, wood, and other materials has ability or capacity to vibrate. Young students also learn that vibration produces sound as they practice drumming.

When students go to higher grades, they will have even more knowledge about the scientific theories related to sound. There are certain tuned percussion instruments like piano, steel pan, and xylophone that provide a chance to know more about harmony (relationships of intervals), intervals (a relationship between frequencies or notes) and frequency (notes).

Both music and drumming can throw light on various subjects as is evident from the discussion. There are other subjects such as theology, sociology, and psychology that can also be learned through music and drumming, To put it simply, drumming can be seen as a perfect interdisciplinary subject that can help your children not only to become good musicians but can also tell to have a better grasp of many academic subjects.

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