The choice of child care in Singapore that you send your child to is instrumental to your childs future. It is important that you choose the right one so that your child is able to grow and flourish and be the best possible version of themselves. Making the right choice can be very difficult due to the various different options that are available. The best thing that you can do is to call different preschools and ask them about the fees the policies for admission and the different programs that they can offer you. Once you have shortlisted a few that you like you should schedule a visit to the school before you pick the preschool for your child. Here is a checklist of a few things that you have to keep in mind when you are sending your child to preschool.


It is important that the students be safe. Keep a look out for smoke detectors and emergency fire extinguishers in the school. Also, check if the school has a well-equipped first aid kit in case the child gets injured. Most schools will also have a sick room with a nurse. Additionally, check the surrounding of the school and see if there is a place for your child to play and an age-appropriate play area with is made safe for the child. You should not be able to see any sharp edges or pointy objects that are kept where the child can reach them. Proper security is also an important feature of a school, most schools will need to know the people who will come to pick up your child and will not send them with anyone other than those who are registered.


This is where the child will be spending most of their time. This room should be clean and safe for your child. Also, check whether the child will be doing everything in the same room or if there are multiple areas in which they will go. The classroom should have a play area that will consist of various age-appropriate toys, and also enough space for the children to spread out and play in. It should have a separate reading area where the children can gather around and the teacher can tell them stories or have picture books that the children can go through themselves. The classroom should also have enough of an activity area where the child can do art and craft and also a bit of writing.

Check if the childrens artwork is displayed on the walls where they can see their own, as well as their friends, work. Also, pay special attention to the art that is displayed. Check whether it is all the same or whether each child was allowed to express themselves. The ultimate goal is to develop your childs personality and not mold all the children with the same mold. Also, check how well the classroom is supervised. Ask about the number of teachers and helper teachers that will be present at all times.

School policies

Different will have different rules, some would need your child to be potty trained while others would train the child there. Also, ask about how involved you can be with your childs preschool education. The more involved you are the better progress your child will make. In case of a fight between two children, it is very important that you agree with the way that the situation will be dealt with so it is better to ask all of these questions right at the beginning before you decide to send the child to that school.