Violin is a serious musical instrument and one needs to take into account the hard work that is involved while taking violin lessons. Violin is definitely not light on your senses and you need to have a very serious bent of mind before pursuing it. So if you just want to have some fun, you can look for some other instruments which are little light to play and does not need such whole hearted devotion. There are many things that you need to know before starting to play the violin, let us take you through some of the stuff that you need to know.
1. Your neck and chin are going to be bent at a particular angle
Playing the violin requires you to bend your neck and chin at a particular angle and in order to play a piece for 15-20 minutes you neck and chin need to be bent in that angle for the entire piece. Hence you have problem with the neck being bent like that for long, you need to avoid playing the violin and you can take up some other instrument which wont strain your body while playing it.
Violin is a difficult instrument and requires perseverance
It is important that you understand that violin is a difficult instrument and you need to be able to pursue it relentlessly in order to excel at it. It can be a very daunting at the beginning but if you set your mind to it, you can do it well. It requires a little bit more from you than other instruments, hence you need to be hard working person who is patient enough to pursue it for a while. If you want to learn an instrument in a short span of time, violin is not what you should aim at.
It would be helpful if you already have a sense of music and have played any other instrument before
It would be of great help if you have already played some other stringed instrument or have a very strong sense of music. If you have learnt classical music before that would also be very helpful and make it easier for you to pursue violin. If you don’t have any idea about music and are pursuing it for the first time, violin can be a little heavy for you. Hence it would help if you sing or have played a guitar before.
It is best if you learn violin in person, rather than online on the internet.
Given the format of the violin, it is best if you learn violin in person. It is ideal if you go to a music school, pick out a good teacher for yourself and start learning the instrument. The teacher can show you in person regarding the posture that needs to be maintained while playing or how one need to hold the bow. Hence taking lessons online will not be the best thing to do. Its always a good idea to enroll yourself for classroom type violin classes in Singapore

Violin is a serious instrument and you need to get a grip over classical music in order to understand it
Violin requires you to understand classical music and then play it on the violin after processing it in your brain. You need to understand that it is a serious instrument and requires you to devote quite a bit of your time in order to play it well. You need to understand the notes, the various tunes and pieces and requires you to study these things to play it on the violin.
Thus these are the things that you should know in order to play the violin well.