Aside from having kids, finding the right school for your child to enroll in can be quite a difficult decision to make. The goal is to find a place that helps the little one toward a life that offers him a good learning curve, keeps him safe while preparing for a formal structure of education. Here are simple hacks to help you know if a playgroup is right for your child.

Follow Your Instinct

A parent knows what their kids need and using this as rule of sorts, it makes perfect sense to have a look around at the playgroup. If you feel in your gut that this is the right place and the ideal setup for your child, go with your instinct, it will always be on point. That being said, check out with other parents and if you are happy with their responses, enroll your child before seats fill in, which can occur sooner than you expect.

Teacher-Student Ratio

If you send your child to a playgroup where not many teachers are available to see to the needs of the children in the classroom, you are in the wrong place. What every child needs is attention in case anything should occur while he is away from home. At the early stage of a childs life, he needs constant supervision. Once you are sure that your little one has proper guidance and is safe, based on the teacher-student ratio, you can go ahead and drop him at the playgroup in Singapore.


As your child enters another world in the playgroup, he does not spend all him time playing. This is the early stage where he is being made aware of a formal structure in education. During this time, he is taught word formation and nursery rhymes. He also learns to distinguish numbers and letters of the alphabet. The idea of a playgroup is to ensure that children are taught something without making the learning curve too structured. This is one of the areas that a parent needs to look out for the curriculum if any and the methodology used to inculcate a sense of learning.


Teachers at the playgroup have vast knowledge in the domain of early childcare education. The varieties of programs available at this center ensure that children learn to speak, think and reason as they highlight the value of simple teaching methods. From the point of a parent, what feels right for the child is when you see him happy to go to preschool in singapore .